Martinelli Luce


MINIPIPISTRELLO is a mini version of the famous PIPISTRELLO lamp designed by Gae Aulenti in 1965. Table lamp, diffused light.

Base and knob:
- white, dark brown and purple red coated metal;
- copper, golden and titanium.

code 620/J/T/BI, 620/J/T/MA, 620/J/T/CU,  620/J/T/RO,  620/J/T/AU and 620/J/T/TI – with touch sensor to turn ON/OFF the lamp touching the body of the product;
code 620/J/T/BI, 620/J/MA, 620/J/CU,  620/J/RO,  620/J/AU and 620/J/TI – without touch sensor.

Diameter: 27cm

LIGHT DATA: 9W LED – 700lm – 2700K. 

Designer Gae Aulenti
  • Height 350 mm
  • Diameter 270 mm
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