An elegant, intimate and cozy mise-en-scène, a collection with an ultra-contemporary concept that replicates, but is never the same, that changes and changes clothes. This is the new MeMe collection, the result of a perfect synergy between the Kriladesign team and the designer Davide Montanaro.
The three portable and rechargeable lamps are the result of a perfect union between the polymethylmethacrylate and other materials such as wood, PVC and neoprene. They have a LED illuminated heart with a "touch light dimmer" device that diffuses the same natural light of the Sun. A collection different from all, creative, fancyand elegant, with a unique design, suitable for indoor and outdoor, customizable. They are nice either switched on or off and at the same time they are functional and suitable for the use they are intended for, the MeMe collection lamps are great friends to spend wonderful evenings with or readings in complete relaxation. Away uncomfortable wires that do not allow you to bring light where you want, a light emanating through a composition of hexagons or colored clothes in neoprene. The collection, versatile and adaptable to different environments, creates cozy atmospheres always in the name of a trendy and studied style. Suitable for contract use.
Designer Davide Montanaro
  • Width 220 mm
  • Height 240 mm
  • Diameter 105 mm
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