Towel Bar

Geometric and essential, this Electric Towel Bar is made of 100% recycled extruded aluminum and defines the bathroom environment with an elegant, rigorous, almost sculptural sign. In this new version it has been revised in proportions and in electronics to become more and more a bathroom accessory. The higher height increases its heating capacity, while touch management makes it easier to use. By touching the drowned command in its side, you can command the ignition, shutdown and timer operation; The various phases are communicated through a sound signal and an LED indication that switches color when the operating state changes. This visual interface has been appropriately shaped in the side so as not to alter the refined aesthetics of the product. Infinite finishes and paintings available.
Designer Ridea Heating Design
  • Width 600/900/1200 mm
  • Depth 72 mm
  • Height 120 mm
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