Green Furniture Concept

Leaf Lamp Metal Tree L + table w chargers

This new addition to the Leaf Lamp product series has been designed to provide a ‘plug-and-play’ solution for busy environments and lively thoroughfares. The trunk is fitted with electrical cables that provide electricity to the power sockets integrated into the design. Our standing-height Leaf Lamp Metal Tree Table w Chargers can be attached, encircling the trunk with a 360º surface that provides enough space for four individuals. At the top of the metal tree trunk, a Leaf Lamp lighting cluster softly diffuses the light to create a soothing atmosphere. The lighting cluster is structured by soft woollen ‘leaves’ chosen for their Grade A-certified acoustic properties. As the leaves filter out noise in the surroundings, they help create calm environments for work, quiet conversation and relaxation.
  • Width 3000 mm
  • Height 4200 mm
  • Depth 3000 mm
  • Seat height 450 mm
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