Floor Story


Each rug is being hand-knotted by incredibly skilled weavers in India using the traditional Tibetan weave, we believe this gives the best clarity and quality around. Every rug will be woven using 80 knots and due to the intricacy and the skill needed we need to allow 12 weeks from point of order to delivery here in the UK. Only 20 of each design will be produced making them pretty exclusive. Each piece will be provided with a screen printed on Linen label of provenance. We'll also give the lucky owner a digital history of their rug being made, chronicling conception drawings, technical plans, yarn dyeing & weaving. Each and every rug will have its very own story and that is uniquely FLOOR_STORY. Each rug can be made to almost any size providing the design is not compromised. Price per m2 is £530.
  • Width 1600 mm
  • Depth 2300 mm
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