Descendant of the Case dining table chair is the new Case Armchair, the armchair that looks like a basket, with an essence of line and refined elegance to match. Wrapped in a mantle of saddle-hide, it envelops a one-piece seat to be upholstered in a fabric of choice from the collection, offering infinite combinations and textural interaction. Here, the Minotti Design Identity is expressed not through shapes which, in their simplicity allow it to blend easily with any sofa in the collection, but rather through the fascination expressed by the sophisticated juxtaposition of materials, a quality consistently recognized as a way of life for the Minotti brand. Not to mention the rich craftsmanship and comfort offered by the goose down seat cushion. 

  • Width 700 mm
  • Height 700 mm
  • Depth 730 mm
  • Seat height 400 mm
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