Dipro art


The Bunch bottle holder resembles the shape of a bunch of grapes. The bench top, featuring a solid wooden wine glass holder component, represents the "stem" of the bunch, the steel sheet bottle holder elements symbolise the "grapes".
Designed in 2016 by Marco Di Properzio, it was originally created specifically as a one-off piece for his home in Rome. In 2017, following the various positive appraisals that the piece received, he decided to mass-produce and market it, while maintaining the aesthetic and constructive features of the original.
The product offers several functionalities, initially designed as a bottle holder/wine glass holder, it can also be used as a bookcase/magazine holder and most commonly as a catch-all. The bottle holder elements and the wall-mounted bench feature ad hoc concealed fixtures, which create a sensation of lightness.
  • Width 900 mm
  • Height 810 mm
  • Depth 340 mm
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