Stainless steel outdoor shower

Sinuous and balanced, rigid almost, for new pleasure in the water. 

A powerful structure, where the austere geometry of the shower’s single body unit in marine grade stainless steel, softens into a sensual curve that integrates the shower head at its end. Made from stainless steel 316L and finished with multiple passes of manual mirror polishing, EIDOTHEA is the nautical shower for swimming pools & gardens that surpasses concepts of form and function in a refined synthesis of quality and beauty to triumphantly enter a new dimension of luxury.

A nautical shower made of marine grade stainless steel, featuring a welded single unit body, and a multiple process, nautical grade, manual mirror polish finish. A perfect synthesis of design, artisan craftsmanship, and high quality materials, made possible thanks to Inoxstyle's experience in luxury yachting.
  • Width 60 mm
  • Height 2170 mm
  • Depth 60 mm
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