LAND lounge chair

Lounge chair entirely made of recyclable polyethylene (rotational molding) in the colors black, white, basalt grey, signal grey, traffic red. For indoor and outdoor use.

 The design, distinctive for its pure lines seeks to balance the relation between form and character, expression and fluidity. It was born to serve as an outdoor seat, but its sober and elegant design makes it sui­table for indoor applications too.

 The low, slightly inclined seat promotes a relaxed posture with outstretched legs and supported back and head. At the same time, the low seating height provides the feeling of sitting in a sports car. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, including lounges and waiting areas.
Designer Naoto Fukasawa
  • Width 1110 mm
  • Height 1000 mm
  • Depth 820 mm
  • Seat height 320 mm
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