The W. chair family is the result of a design paradigm— the one that says that "subtraction adds value": “less is more”. The elegantly minimal essence of the individual features is in contrast with the magnificent texture of the wood, which is available in both natural and lacquered versions in various colours. The chair is shaped with careful monitoring of the thicknesses, angles and relationships between parts, to give a balanced and harmonious design.
In his reinterpretation of what has perhaps been the most widespread type of chair in the history of design, designer Fabrizio Gallinaro wanted to give the Windsor Chair a contemporary look. The versions on offer include a chair, stool, lounge and rocking chair. The tangible result in each of them is a seat characterized by a strong sense of history that has a completely modern look at the same time. This 2015 edition includes the new versions W. 603 and W. 604, presented as a lounge and rocking chair.
  • Height 724 mm
  • Depth 594 mm
  • Seat height 475 mm
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