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Tuohi wall element

Tuohi is Finnish for birch bark; in Finland there is a long tradition of making various kinds of utility articles from the material. The design of the Tuohi products is inspired by this tradition, combined with modern technology. Birch being a living organic material and structure makes each Tuohi product unique; the tones and patterns differ for every tree trunk. The choice of raw material is also very ecological because normally in the wood processing industry the bark would be wasted. The Tuohi wall element included in the exhibition section of STRAIGHTFORWARD is a new kind of surface product for the home or public spaces – lending interiors a living and organic touch. The elements can be used to cover either entire walls or smaller areas. The body of the wall element is made of 12 mm MDF board, and the surface of selected birch bark. All edges have interlocking joints. The elements can be nailed or glued to the wall.

  • Width 450 mm
  • Depth 450 mm
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