AHNDA by Stephen Burks is an outdoor lounger with all of the iconic style, ergonomic comfort and luxurious attention to detail one expects of the finest indoor pieces. The designer immersed himself in the weaving culture of the Philippines to develop the chair’s signature open weave, a sort of ‘transparent upholstery’ of weatherproof DEDON fiber, beneath which AHNDA’s clearly articulated form signals a fresh approach classic lounger style. Available in wingback and lounge chair versions, AHNDA boasts a level of detail typically associated with collector pieces. Knurling on the reinforced aluminum legs, for example, echoes the chair’s signature woven pattern, as does a zig-zag stitch on the headrest. The woven pattern itself, a stunning example of the craftsmanship of DEDON’s master weavers, consists of three shades of red fiber, giving AHNDA a subtle yet alluring vibrancy. With a seat design based on the circle, AHNDA is perfect for curling up, sprawling out or lying back in with your feet up.
  • Width 930 mm
  • Height 1080 mm
  • Depth 1020 mm
  • Seat height 340 mm
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