Vibrio is a modular furniture piece inspired by the relentlessly changing multitude of primary organic shapes created through molecular aggregation. Like nature displays itself in an infinity of forms, Vibrio, like a living entity can manifest in continuously alternating constellations and be reinvented through subtraction, addition and re-composition of the individual modules. Molecular properties like bioluminescence inspire its visually responsive surface, the iridescent velvet fabric traces movements and creates ever changing reflection patterns painted by its use.

The piece is developed based on the symmetry of mandalas, cymatic imagery, the healing properties contained in the principles of sacred geometry. The inherent harmony of form itself resonates with the space it inhabits and interacts, responds and questions its status quo to reflect the eternally transformative aspect of life. Its dynamism evokes the beauty and elegance of that transformation in a space.
  • Width 1880 mm
  • Height 760 mm
  • Depth 1470 mm
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