The name GESSATO recalls the elegance of a pinstriped suit. This new sofa set is sewed with dozens of small strips of leather and cuoio. This handmade process creates a tangible sign of elegance, style, memory and innovation as for a sartorial suite of haute couture. The collection also includes the footrest and the low small table with marble’s top, finished with a handcrafted metal buckle. It has been designed a more detailed version: GESSATO DP. It has the same general features and design of GESSATO line, but creating a careful working on the back for an amazing result. Each Italian handmade Mascheroni product is marked with a plate engraved with the brand "Mascheroni srl Made in Italy" which certifies its authenticity.
  • Width 1800 mm
  • Height 920 mm
  • Depth 920 mm
  • Seat height 460 mm
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