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Bounce is a washbasin of soft and neat lines, inspired by the kitchen traditions. In fact, its shape, together with the various relevant accessories available, recalls the archetypical shapes of pots and pans transposed into the context of the bathroom to create a reassuring effect, regardless the newness of their function and of the material the washbasin is made of: polyurethane. A material with a smooth and silky texture, soft to the touch, which perfectly matches Bounce’s essential shape and the accessories that make it extremely customizable.
Upon request, it is possible to enrich the washbasin with accessories that allow to hang towels and place objects and containers. Made of natural beechwood, combined to polyurethane, they convey warmth, pleasantness and comfort.
  • Width 877 mm
  • Height 210 mm
  • Depth 363 mm
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