Pendant and floor lanterns

Refined and mellow
With the Quintus, we’ve borrowed a bit from the traditional Japanese paper lantern, and then turned it into something quite apart. We love the soft glow of a lantern, but we were aiming for an updated version with greater functionality and flexibility. The Quintus is a five-sided lamp that combines thin, black powder-coated ribs with a knitted fabric shade. We offer it as a floor lamp in two heights as well as a pendant lamp.

The Quintus is especially well suited to public spaces such as hotel lobbies and restaurants, and work spaces such as offices and meeting rooms, but it fits right in to a living room as well. It is equipped with a standard 230-volt E27 base and an LED filament unit that delivers a mellow, almost shimmering glow through the fabric. But since it is open at the top and the bottom, it provides plenty of light as well.

The laser-cut ribs are affixed to bent steel brackets with contrasting brass screws. The wool and polyamide knitted shade slides over laser-cut slots in the ribs and is held under tension in such a way that it almost appears to float.

The floor lamps perch on five-sided oak stands of 27.2 cm or 45 cm (total height of 59.7 or 77 cm), while the pendant can be suspended from a ceiling or overhead beam by its own cord.

Designer Bas Vellekoop aspires to timelessness and functionality in his designs. “I try to design with all the details in mind,” he says. “The screws and the joints become more than just the way that the elements are connected, but design features in and of themselves. What I’ve tried to achieved with the Quintus is to combine elegance, simplicity and functionality while offering something that is really quite different from any other lamp on the market.”
Designer Bas Vellekoop
  • Width 520 mm
  • Height 430 mm
  • Depth 520 mm
  • Weight 1.1 g
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