Heard is like travelling on a train. It is reminiscent of the seat of an old train car, but in a Nordic style to give it a breath of fresh air. With its essential and contemporary design, it is a timeless Collection. In the “less is more” style, it has no superfluous lines; it is a perfect choice of the expert craftsman creating beauty and, at the same time, comfort in the seat, the knee height, the thought-out head and elbow rest. Heard invites you to sit down and read a paper in total privacy, thanks to the high sides and noise absorbing materials used. It is perfect for open contract spaces where the comfort of privacy is much sought-after, perhaps combined with a footrest pouf
Heard is an armchair, a pouffe, and a three-seater sofa.
  • Width 1400 mm
  • Height 1560 mm
  • Depth 790 mm
  • Seat height 460 mm
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